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A Product on a Solid Footing

A product on a solid footing Jim Bradac came up with Ceme-Tube® after trying to lay concrete in wet ground. Now, he’s pouring his life into his new venture. BY LESLIE BROOKS SUZUKAMO Pioneer Press Article Last Updated: 11/30/2007 07:31:42 PM CST Three years ago, while laying concrete footings for his family cabin, Jim Bradac ran into a problem. The ground was so wet that the cardboard forming tubes got soggy and useless before he could pour concrete into them. Wasn’t there a plastic tube he could use instead, he asked his local hardware store? The answer was no. So


Sonotube® Meet Your Match Ceme Tube®

Sonotube® Meet your match, Ceme-Tube®. by Shelley Hawes While laying footings in wet land for his cabin in northern Minnesota, Jim Bradac was troubled by the complications of pouring concrete into traditional cardboard Sonotubes®. The material quickly became flimsy, and pouring had to be done immediately after placement to properly set. Bradac had to believe there was an alternative, something as simple as waterproof forms must certainly be available. It only made sense. After careful patent research, Bradac discovered there was really no product available to pour concrete into that was manufactured out of plastic. “I can literally say this