Bollard Installation

A standard black CEME-TUBE® must be used below grade to provide strength and frost resistance.

Slide Bollard CEME-TUBE® onto standard black CEME-TUBE® and fasten together with screws in collar area. (screws not provided)

A minimum of 4 pieces of No. 5 (5/8″) or 3 pieces of No.6 (3/4”) rebar should be used inside the CEME-TUBE® Bollard for additional strength.
NOTE: 4 Pieces of No. 6 (3/4″) rebar in the CEME-TUBE® Bollard will equal the strength of a 5″ Schedule 40 pipe filled with concrete. If more strength is needed, add more rebar.

Re-bar should extend at least 2′ below the level of grade. (On a standard 4′ above grade bollard, a 20′ piece of re-bar cut into 3 equal pieces will provide 3′ of support below grade and 3-1/2′ above grade.

If using multiple CEME-TUBE® Bollard forms in one area, the tops can be trimmed down after setting, and before filling to match heights with each other.

Fill Bollard with concrete to within 12″ of top, slide rebar down into concrete, then finish filling with concrete to top.

Before concrete hardens, attach domed lid with provided stainless steel screws in dimpled areas of dome cap.

Clean off any concrete residue from outside of Bollard CEME-TUBE®.

Installation is complete.