Light Pole Installation

Installation Guide for 18″, 24″ and 30″ Light Pole Ceme-Tube™.

Note: The Light Pole Ceme-Tube® is a finished product, please store Light Pole Ceme-Tube® on end and protect them from unnecessary damage.

Determine the exposed above grade height of the Light Pole Ceme-Tube®.

Slide the collar end of the Light Pole Ceme-Tube® onto the non-collar end of the black Standard Ceme-Tube®. (If black Standard Ceme-Tube® is not being used, skip to step 4.)

Fasten together with any type of screws in dimpled location of collar. (4 screws per connection) .

Place entire assembly into hole. Note: To obtain proper height, either attach stilts to bottom tube to rest on bottom of hole, or attach a wooden frame around the Light Pole Ceme-Tube® to hang into hole.

Attach wooden support frame below the level of final grade to avoid exposed screw holes in the finished Light Pole Ceme-Tube®.

If backfilling, do so evenly and/or brace as necessary.

Fill with concrete at your convenience.

If necessary, clean concrete residue off exterior of Light Pole Ceme-Tube® with water.

Installation is complete.