HDPE plastic ceme-tube is an innovative solution to replace the cardboard forming tube

Light Poles

Revolutionizing the installation of light pole footings


Designed to provide easy installation of a maintenance-free, pour in place Bollard

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Bollard Product Details

This Bollard CEME-TUBE® is an 8” standard CEME-TUBE® molded in night reflective, caution yellow throughout. A strong UV inhibitor will keep the CEME-TUBE® from fading. After filling the Bollard CEME-TUBE® with re-bar reinforced concrete, the installation is complete.
  • The Bollard CEME-TUBE® is 8” in diameter, and 4′ in length.
  • The standard black CEME-TUBE® must be used below grade and below the Bollard CEME-TUBE® to provide deeper footings and stability for the bollard.
  • Upon filling with re-bar and concrete, the installation is complete.
  • The reflective caution yellow color is molded throughout, not just applied.
  • The reflective caution yellow color is highly visible, especially at night.
  • Molded from partially recycled HDPE plastic and is flexible to -103 deg. F
  • The Bollard CEME-TUBE® will not chip or crack when cold.
  • Concrete or asphalt will not adhere to the sides of the Bollard CEME-TUBE® which eliminates any friction frost heaving.
  • The Bollard CEME-TUBE® will provide a finished, maintenance free product upon installation, and will be very aesthetically appealing to the customer.

  • The outside of the Bollard CEME-TUBE® is smooth and seamless.
  • The dome cap comes with stainless steel screws, and finishes the installation nicely.
  • The Bollard CEME-TUBE™® made entirely in the USA with USA materials.

Engineering Note

The 8″ CEME-TUBE® Bollard filled with concrete and 4 pieces of 3/4″ rebar is equal in strength to a 5″ schedule 40 steel pipe filled with concrete.

Smaller rebar can be used, as long as the quantity is increased to account for the smaller size. If more strength is required, simply add more rebar.