HDPE Plastic Concrete Forming Tubes
An innovative product to replace the old-fashioned cardboard forming tube.
Manufactured in our own facility in Hudson, Wisconsin

All CEME-TUBE®s are 4 foot in length, but with the integral collar on one end, can be stacked to produce piers up to 20’ tall in one pour.

Ceme-Tube HDPE Plastic Tube

Designed to out-perform the cardboard tube in every aspect of use!

This revolutionary product will eliminate a multitude of problems found with using cardboard-forming tubes. The CEME-TUBE® will not only take job site and shipping abuse, but can be installed, completely back-filled, and filled with concrete at any future date.

Works well for underwater docks and piers

Unlike cardboard tubes, the diameters are uniform for each Cemetube

Impervious to moisture, before and after use

Can be installed, completely back-filled, & filled with concrete at any future time

Can easily handle rough job site conditions, without losing integrity

Works perfectly in conjunction with all manufactured footings like Bigfoot

Introducing Ceme-Tube Generation 2

Now With Reinforcement Ribbing!

This Ceme-Tube has stay-round technology that will keep Ceme-Tube round even during heavy backfilled applications.

Gen 2 Reinforcement Ribbing available in    18″, 24″ and 30″ sizes only.

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