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Light Pole Base Ceme-Tube

Product Details


Ceme-Tube LLC specially designed these 24" and 30" diameter Ceme-Tube® models to revolutionize the installation of light pole footings. This Ceme-Tube® is manufactured in reflective caution yellow, concrete gray, or architectural bronze colors, all of which contain strong UV inhibitors to protect the Ceme-Tube® from fading. If you're looking for concrete light pole base forms, reach out today.


To create aesthetic appeal and minimize installation labor, the top perimeter has an integral radius that will transition the sides of the Ceme-Tube® to the top surface smoothly. This top radius also eliminates chamfering. A 17" diameter hole is provided on the top to facilitate pouring, finishing, and light pole installation. This Ceme-Tube® is intended to remain on, which will save time and labor on stripping, painting, chamfering, and concrete finishing.


The Light Pole Base CEME-TUBE®, finished upon installation, is aesthetically pleasing and will never need painting! We offer this type of Ceme-Tube® in the following models:

Our 24" Light Pole Bases come in:

•Saftety Yellow

•Architectural Bronze

•Concrete Gray

Our 30" Light Pole Bases come only in Safety Yellow

Contact us today to learn more about our Light Pole Base Ceme-Tubes


•All models are four feet in length and are available in 24- and 30-inch diameters
•An integral collar on all models allows the Ceme-Tube® to be easily stacked onto a standard black Ceme-Tube®
•A standard black Ceme-Tube® must be used below grade and below the Light Pole Base Ceme-Tube® to provide deeper footings
•Concrete or asphalt will not adhere to the sides of the Light Pole Base Ceme-Tube®
•The Light Pole Base Ceme-Tube® will provide a finished product upon installation and will be very aesthetically appealing to you
•The outside of the Ceme-Tube® is seamless
•Walls of the Light Pole Base Ceme-Tube® are extremely heavy duty to handle the punishments of parking lot bumps
•Molded from partially recycled HDPE plastic that remains flexible to -103°F
•The Ceme-Tube® will not chip or crack when cold
•Significantly lower installation costs compared to cardboard